Hotel Nuova Italia Florenta

Take advantage of the numerous attractions on your doorstep at the budget 2 star Hotel Nuova Italia Florence. Renaissance Art is what Florence is famous for and Renaissance art is what you'll get in the nearby Michelangelo designed Medici Chapels. Peruse his sculptures inside and if you really want to see perfection you are within walking distance of a couple of his famous Davids. (One at the Accademia and one in Piazza Signoria. But which is the real one?). The Mercato Centrale (Central Market) is dedicated to all that is delicious in Italian cuisine.

The Renaissance church of San Lorenzoprovides the backdrop to a bustling street market. The traders don't like to haggle but it's definitely worth trying (cashmere lined leather gloves, anyone?).

Hotel Nuova Italia Florenta

Every cut of meat, every type of ham and salami, a good range of sea creatures, every delicatessen speciality, countless bottles and jars of oils, sauces, condiments, cheese, cheese and more cheese. You can get greatly appreciated souvenirs for all your loved ones here.

Do yourself a favour and get a sandwich from the stall at the back of the first floor. If you can still walk after that waddle upstairs and redeem yourself amongst all the fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

The Ponte Vecchio, The Uffizi Gallery and all the other famous places are less than 15 minutes away by foot.

Hotel Nuova Italia Florenta


Ataf and Sita buses run regularly until 11pm to Santa Maria Novella station taking 20 minutes. Taking a taxi will cost 20-25 Euros for this 15 minute journey (plus 1 euro for each item of luggage)


We are around 5 minutes away. Head up Via Nazionale next to the Mcdonald’s you see when you come out of the station. Via Faenza is the first on the right and we are at number 26 on the corner at the end of the street.

Hotel Nuova Italia Florenta


Pisa is 80km from Florence. By bus or train it takes around 90 minutes to get to Florence.

Catch one of the regular trains to Florence from the train station located next door to the airport or the Terravision bus from the car park to Santa Maria Novella station in the centre of Florence.

Both options cost less than 10 Euros at the time of writing.

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